Brennabor cross frame safety

Brennabor, based in Brandenburg, was one of the first and most succesful bicycle factories in Germany. The Brennabor-Werke Gebr. Reichstein started assembling ordinary bicycles in 1882, building them from English parts. It seems that a year later they started building their own bikes. In 1892 the bikes were called Brennabor as a brand name. In 1900 they had built 40.000 bikes.
Early 20th. century Brennabor also built motorcycles, cars and arms. The factory was destroyed in 1945.

This cross frame is a marvellous survivor, with a lot of original details. Very characteristic step. Look at the original saddle! The only number we could find was '81' on the head tube. I guess it can't be a serial number, so it's a part number or maybe they started counting again with their safeties? We do not know the year of this bike, but 1890-1892 seems a good estimate.